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I want to get more exposure on my dA, but I honestly don't really know how??

Promotion doesn't do too much, should I put my art up to groups?
if anyone can come up with some cool name that ends with prince i'll give them 40 points and a sketch of something.

No time limit.

I accept multiple entries.

stolen from SpaceCompass because homework is boring and procrastination IS KEY

○ romantic orientation? pretty heccin gay
○ sexual orientation? dont touch me i'm sterile

[do you like . . .]
◌ small hugs? I mean they're okay, but only from really close people
◌ big hugs? yEs, still from really close people but yes
◌ lip kisses? oKk
◌ cheek kisses? that's really gay and yes
◌ neck kisses? I will die if I get a hickey from anyone, idc, they're gross
◌ forehead kisses? I guess????
◌ making out? internal screaming NOT reAllY
◌ cuddling? hONESTLY??
◌ spooning? only if it's really gay
◌ holding hands? I will conciously die if we take up even just half of the hallway or sidewalk
◌ nose booping? eh??????
◌ tracing circles on skin? I GUESS????? I DUNNO????????????????? 
◌ being carried? please no---
◌ carrying others? do you think a twig like me can lift even 35 pounds? no.

○ do you have a crush? yes, but that's for me to know and you to only get spongebob quotes when you ask about it
○ are you in any kind of relationship? sIKE no ;v;
○ do you want any kind of relationship? A good one????
○ have you been kissed before? yes
○ would you want your partner to be taller or shorter than you?  taller, I hate being tall
○ what's your dream date? honestly just chilling and hanging out playing video games and some good music y'know?
○ have you ever confessed to a crush? once
○ do you have a fb crush? ?????????????????????????
○ what is one thing that always makes you blush? I don't really blush,,????
○ what's your fave petname? ????? pet names are weird I don't know---
○ stargazing or a city skylining? sTARGAZING
yo guys kitguts is super cool you should really go watch them. I'm serious. Like they're super down to earth and chill, really glad to have met them tonight : )
be more active (posting-wise)